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Workshop for Kids Supporter! Let's Cheer for KAGOSHIMA UNITED FC

Workshop for Kids Supporter! Let’s Cheer for KAGOSHIMA UNITED FC

On game day, kids will create an idea for how to cheer for KAGOSHIMA UNITED FC, and make something such as flags or magaphones, etc. Let’s enjoy the game more as Kids Suppoter with that!



Date :  March 19 , 2016
Hours :  12:30〜15:30
Venues :  Kamoike Green Ball Game Field
Admission :  Free (game tickets are needes )
    Now Book by telephone, Email and comming to KCIC 
                 name(child and guardian)/ Age of Child
                 Your Email address/Your telephone number
    Inquiries:    Kagoshima Cultural Information Center   
               1F, 1-2, Yasui-cho, Kagoshima-City, 892-0815
               Open: 10:00-18:00
              (Closed: Sundays, Wednesdays)
               Email :   
               Web :
     Capacity :   elementary school student 30
           *Booking required,
            on a first-come-first-served basis        
Organizations :  Kagoshima City

Co-Organizations:    KAGOSHIMA UNITED FC
Editorial supervisor:     Daiya Aida

Support:     Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities 
Planning and Production :  KCIC

This workshop is derived from the KCCI Art Management Lab ’Daiya Aida: Museum Educational boot Camp’.