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Tools for ash and snow from  Kagoshima / Aomori

Tools for ash and snow from Kagoshima / Aomori

Curated Daiya Aida

The exhibition is curated by Artist Daiya Aida.
Ash falling in Kagoshima, Snow falling in Aomori. We will show the tools and goods which they use in daily life. Cleaning things, snow removal tools and play equipments we took at hand ware store or borrowed from the local people.Enjoy the culture that comes from daily activity of Kagoshima and Aomori.



Date :  February 13 – March12, 2016
Hours :  10:00〜18:00
Venues :  KCIC(more details)
           Kagoshima Cultural Information Center(KCIC)
 1F, 1-2, Yasui-cho, Kagoshima-City
Admission :  Free
Closed :  wednesday and Sunday