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Artist Talk: Daiya Aida ”Life of Ash and Snow”

Artist Talk: Daiya Aida ”Life of Ash and Snow”

Commemorating his digital book publication ”Furitsumo”
Art Gallery Minato, adjacent to KCIC

Once a year, we publish a digital book with an artist who participates actively in Japan and abroad. In this year, direction by Daiya Aida who has created the works on the theme of media, value and communication, the digital book will include the ordinary people who live in Kagoshima where volcanic ash falls, and Aomori where snow falls. He describes the planning conception and talks about the life in Kagoshima with volcanic ash, and the life in Aomori with snow together with the people of Kagoshima.

Program will be held in Japanese only.


Date :  February13, 2016
Hours :  14:00〜15:30
Venues :  Art Gallery Minato, adjacent to KCIC
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