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KCIC Workshop : Visiting Program

KCIC Workshop : Visiting Program

The Workshop of editing our Local Area Dictionary- Sakurajima Edition

 This is one of our workshop series, “The discovery of a new perspective for our local area and editing it”. Walking with digital camera around Akamizu area, you will take photos of what you are interested in, and site-specific things. To edit a special Akamizu area’s dictionary, you will give them a title what you found there. It will be exhibit at KCIC with Minato Odori Park edition and Matsumoto edition. (with special talk about above area by Tomomi Kukita, NPO Sakurajima Museum Staff)Let’s join us!

Program will be held in Japanese only.






Date :   February 6, 2016
Hours :  10:00〜12:30
Venues :  Akamizu area, Sakurajima
Designated place:    Akamizu Community Center
           1166 Sakurajima Akamizu-cho, Kagoshima City
Admission :  Free
Capacity and the age limit:   20
             (7 years old and over)   booking required
  *All children under the age of 10 must be a accompanied by an adult.

What to bring:     Digital Camera

Lecturer:    Nagisa Hirakawa (Artist)
Organizations :  Kagoshima City
Planning:     KCIC

Cooperation:      NPO Sakurajima Museum

Support:   Agency for Cultural Affairs

Inquiries:    Kagoshima Cultural Information Center (KCIC)
         1F, 1-2, Yasui-cho, Kagoshima-City, 892-0815, Japan
         Open: 10:00-18:00 (Closed: Sundays, Wednesdays)
         Email :   
         Web :
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