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Bright Colors in Various Ways    -The Expression of Shobu Gakuen

Bright Colors in Various Ways -The Expression of Shobu Gakuen

Shobu Gakuen, the facilities for the persons with disability, is in Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima City. The works they produced are only for joy of creation without caring what anyone thinks. The first exhibition in Miyazaki, exhibit works of nui (stitching) project, paintings, objects and their large installation “Internal Truth”. The exhibits will give us a new view that the art is full of the possibility of process itself with joy and freedom, not only for someone who has a special talent.


Date :   January 16- 31, 2016
Hours :  10:00〜18:00 (Last entry till 17:30)
Venues :  Miyazaki Art Center  
                 3F, 3-3-27 Tachibana dori nishi, Miyazaki City
Admission :  Free
Closed :  Tuesday(19,26)
Cooperations :  Miyazaki City
Organizations :  Miyazaki Art Center
Spesial Website : 
Bright Colors in Various Ways -The Expression of Shobu Gakuen


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 Documentary Film ”so:but[and]=”

      Date:   Sunday, January 17 and 24   
                    Doors Open at 14:00/ Open 14:30
      Venues:  Miyazaki Art Center, Multipurpose Room (4F)
      Admission:  Free / Free Seating
      Capacity:  50 Sheets (Booking Required)   
                          *No Admittance to Preschool Children

Talk by Shin Fukumori& Documentary Film “so:but [and]=”

      Date:   Sunday, January 31  
                    Doors Open 13:00/ Open 13:30  End 16:00
                    (1 Intermission)
      Guest:  Shin Fukumori (Shobu Gakuen’s Exective Director)
      Venue:  Miyazaki ART Center, Multipurpose Room

      Admission:  Free/ Free Seating

      Capacity:  50 Sheets (Booking Required)
                         *No Admittance to Preschool Children

Now Book by Telephone:   Miyazaki Art Center 0985-22-3115